Do You Need To Remove Bluetooth Earbuds When Charging The Case?

So, you want to know whether you should keep Bluetooth earbuds in the charging case while the case is charging? You’re not alone. I’ve asked myself the same question. 

Most of us are concerned about the battery’s longevity in using the device in this manner. The safety of the device may be your concern. I’m with you on that.

The last thing you ever want to experience is dead Bluetooth earbuds in situations where you need their service the most. 

No cause for alarm. It is okay to keep your Bluetooth earbuds in the charging case when it is charging. 

I explain the reason in this article more thoroughly, so let’s get to it.

Do You Need To Remove Bluetooth Earbuds When Charging The Case?

Bluetooth earbuds are designed to be seated in the case even while charging the case. Removing the Bluetooth earbuds while charging the case is unnecessary because the technology is developed such that once the earbuds’ battery is full, its power supply is cut, and only the case charges. 

It’s neither bad nor harmful to keep the Bluetooth earbuds in the case during charging since the device has priority charging. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about overcharging if that’s your concern. 

While the Bluetooth earbuds are in the case, they’ll only charge when their battery level is below 100% or 80% (provided you’ve changed your maximum capacity level to extend battery life).

When the maximum battery capacity is reached, only the case charges. Modern technology has some mechanism that senses that to automate the charging order. 

However, the Bluetooth earbuds can heat up while charging the case with the earbuds in place, probably due to high voltage from the power source or a defect in the device. 

And according to manufacturers’ caution, extremely high temperatures can damage the batteries of Bluetooth earbuds. So, in this scenario, it could be bad to put wireless earbuds in the charging case while it is charging.

Hence, you must be concerned if you experience extreme heat-up of the case with the Bluetooth earbuds inside. 

Ideally, the power supply should automatically cut per the advancement in technology when both batteries of the charging case and earbuds are fully charged.

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Can You Charge the Case Without Bluetooth Earbuds Inside?

Leaving the charging case plugged in is entirely safe without the Bluetooth earbuds. Regardless of whether the earbuds are inside the case or not, the case can charge without experiencing any hiccups.

However, there is an advantage of having your Bluetooth earbuds in the case while it’s charging. You may never know how that can save your day. 

When the earbuds are present, the case will automatically identify them and change its charging speed to keep up with the earbuds. This ensures optimized charging priority.

This way, whenever you’re on the go, your earbuds will always be completely charged and ready for use.

Should You Keep Bluetooth Earbuds Always In the Charging Case Even When Not In Use?

Absolutely! The idea for Bluetooth earbuds is to always keep them in the charging case except when you’re using them for calls or listening to music. This is because the charging case not only serves as the charger for the earbuds but also as a storage device when they’re fully charged.

The downside is that the Bluetooth earbuds will experience natural power leakage as they sit in the case. 

For example, if the Bluetooth earbuds remain in the case for three days without being used, they will charge and discharge several times, eventually draining their batteries

This is because they will recharge themselves when their battery percentage drops due to natural battery leakage, resulting in a never-ending cycle of charging at 100%, 98%, 99%, 100%, 98%, 99%, 100%, and so on. 

To prevent this from happening, turn the Bluetooth earbuds around in the case, so they don’t make contact with their charging ports if, let’s say, you just used them for a few songs and their charge level is in the upper 90s. 

By doing this, you can let the earbuds naturally drain their power till it reaches 80%–70% before you charge them. You can prolong their battery life when you keep this habit. 

This bouncing charge is advantageous to the manufacturers because it shortens battery life. Huh?! Yes. 

Who doesn’t want to make money? I bet you do, too. Haha. 

Anyways, the benefit of always keeping your Bluetooth earbuds in the case outweighs the demerits. Here’s why. 

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Reasons Why You Should Keep Bluetooth Earbuds Always in the Charging Case Even When Not In Use

It Keeps Bluetooth Earbuds Neat

Dirt settling on the sensitive part of the earbuds is one of the reasons for disconnection issues. Keeping the Bluetooth earbuds always in the case also reduces the chances of dirt getting into the porous part of the earbuds. 

It also protects the earbuds from direct shocks due to falls or hitting against a hard surface when not kept in the case. 

You’re likely to save the earbuds from contact with water if they should fall into the water when they’re in the case.

The Bluetooth Earbuds Won’t Overcharge

One of the major concerns people have is Bluetooth earbuds overcharging when always found in the case. I’ve had that worry, too, but it is something of the past.

This is not a problem as the technology nowadays ensures that charging automatically stops when the batteries for the Bluetooth earbuds are full. 

However, as explained earlier, you may experience natural battery leakage when the earbuds sit in the case for a long time. Natural battery leakage even occurs when the Bluetooth earbuds are not in the case, except their rate drainage differs. 

Hence, keeping in the case is better since you can reduce the drainage rate by reversing the earbuds to avoid charging port contact.

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Less Likely to Misplace Earbuds

If you habitually put Bluetooth earbuds back in the case after use, you’ll be less likely to misplace one. You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you can’t see where you last kept it. 

If you’re living in a room with kids or someone else, keeping the earbuds in the open place will be unsafe. Next time, you’ll know it’s been dropped into the dustbin or your kid has smashed something on it. 

Another frustrating thing is getting it mixed up with other items in your bag when you urgently need it. But it comes in handy when the earbuds are in its case. 

Bluetooth Earbuds Are Always Ready To Use

While the case also acts as storage when the earbuds are fully charged, you’re sure to always pick up your earbuds at the full battery when in the case.

You always want to have the earbuds ready for use. And that’s the idea for Bluetooth earbuds and their case. 

You’ll be disappointed not to keep your Bluetooth earbuds in the case when you need their service at an unexpected time. 

Imagine when you’re to make an important call, only to realize that the earbuds you placed on your center table are dead. The rest of this situation will be history……haha. 

Perhaps you’re still worried about overcharging. Let’s talk about it more. 

Can You Overcharge Bluetooth Earbuds and Charging Case?

Batteries of Bluetooth earbuds are designed with a “trickle charge” mechanism to prevent overcharging when it reaches 100% capacity. Manufacturers set the limits for lithium-ion batteries, making them safe even when you charge the device when it’s at 100%. They come with capacitors that ensure that the power to the earbuds stops once the battery reaches its full capacity. 

However, continuously charging the batteries puts them under a certain amount of strain.

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Similar to Bluetooth earbuds’ batteries, the charging case is not overcharged or damaged by overcharging-related issues. It was an issue years ago, but recent advancements have sensors to mitigate that. , but they can rather be over-discharged.

While you don’t have to worry about overcharging, you sure have to take good care of it to prolong battery life. The video below talks more about the overcharging issue.

Several factors can reduce the longevity of Bluetooth earbuds and case batteries if you overlook them. These factors are discussed in the next section.  

What Affects the Battery Life of Bluetooth Earbuds

Overcharging will not likely affect the battery life of Bluetooth earbuds and charging case. But what can? Battery degradation rate is affected by the following: 

Extreme Temperatures

Temperature is a dominant cause of battery life degradation in storage and usage. High temperatures cause electrodes and electrolytes of batteries to thermally decompose, reducing battery capacity. 

Research shows that the higher the temperature, the more batteries degrade with time, as shown in the image. 

Therefore, do not keep your Bluetooth earbuds and case in temperatures above 30°C as it stresses Li-ion batteries. You reduce the cycle life of the batteries if you use the earbuds or charge your case at a temperature of 30°C by 20%. 

Extremely low temperature also accelerates most Li-ion battery degradation by increasing internal resistance and decreasing discharge capacity. 

It doesn’t imply you leave your Bluetooth earbuds under your pillow when you go out during winter. However, you must ensure you don’t prolong its exposure in cold weather.

Manufacturers, therefore, recommend using Li-ion battery products at 27°C for maximum battery runtime. However, you can achieve an optimum battery service life at 20°C or slightly lower. 

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People who are usually concerned about overcharging Bluetooth earbuds and case should rather worry about over-discharging. It does more harm to battery life than overcharging frets. 

Over-discharging is also referred to as depth of discharge. 

When you deeply discharge your Bluetooth earbuds and case batteries (using over 85% battery capacity), you cause pressure in Li-ion cells and destroy negative electrode sites. 

This results in loss of capacity and possible cell damage. Hence, manufacturers recommend that you recharge your Bluetooth earbuds and case batteries when you use 80% of them, i.e., 20% remaining battery level.

Keeping the habit of charging at the recommended battery level results in maximum lifespan. It also prevents the device from overheating at such low battery levels.   

Charging–Discharging Cycle Frequency

When you frequently charge and discharge your Bluetooth earbuds and case, you put mechanical stress on the batteries. Charging and discharging four times or more daily wouldn’t make your battery last longer.

Frequent charge-discharge cycles degrade Li sites, causing chemical changes in the battery, eventually leading to capacity loss and battery failure.

This is why it is essential to reverse your Bluetooth earbuds in the charging case when not in use to prevent the charging-discharging phenomenon mentioned earlier. 

When you frequently charge and discharge batteries without them cooling down, heat accumulation causes their temperature to rise. 

As a result, chemical stress decomposes the electrolyte and electrodes in the battery. Hence resulting in service life degradation. So make sure to avoid this act. 

Battery’s State of Charge During Storage

Do not charge your Bluetooth earbuds and case batteries to 100% capacity when you won’t use them for a long time. I hear you saying, “What…why?”. 

Studies have shown that the higher the battery capacity during storage, the lesser the capacity retained with time. For example, the image below shows the degradation rate of several batteries stored for ten years. 

The reason is that higher capacity at storage implies higher open circuit voltage, resulting in increased internal resistance because of electrolyte oxidation inside the batteries. 

Therefore, charge or discharge your Bluetooth earbuds and charging case batteries to 50% if you won’t use them for a long time. 

Keeping this habit slows down degradation and prolongs battery life. 

Not Storing The Earbuds In Their Case

Keeping your Bluetooth earbuds anywhere other than their charging case exposes them to moisture and adverse environmental conditions that affect the battery life. 

Although most modern Bluetooth earbuds are waterproof, you can’t be guaranteed 100% protection if they get into contact with moisture for a long time.

This is because moisture making its way to the electronic circuit can cause short-circuiting.

The metallic part of the Bluetooth earbuds used for charging also gets exposed. This exposure can also result in a faster drain of their battery.

In case of extremely high or low temperatures, the metallic charging port can easily conduct heat, resulting in the abovementioned issues for degradation.

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Final Words

There you have it. It is totally safe to keep Bluetooth earbuds in the case while you’re charging it. The biggest concern when people ask this question is overcharging and battery safety.

It is safe, and no need to worry about overcharging as modern Bluetooth earbuds deal with such issues with the Li-ion battery technology. 

However, if you care about your battery life, then a summary of what affects them are:  

  1. Extreme temperatures
  2. Over-discharging
  3. Charging–Discharging Cycle Frequency
  4. Battery’s State of Charge During Storage
  5. Not Storing The Earbuds In Its Case

Understanding how each impacts battery life will save you a lot. I hope the article is of great help. 

Is there something I didn’t cover? Kindly leave it in the comment, and I’ll be more than glad to reply. 

Until then, stay blessed!

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