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It’s a pleasure to have you here and we hope the information on this website serves you well. Bluetoothtechworld.com was born out of curiosity and interest in how Bluetooth has evolved over the past decades. Reminiscing from the era where infrared was the boss at the time of mobile phone connectivity to where Bluetooth came to light in the early 2000s amazes us on how fast the world has advanced with the Bluetooth technology.

We recall vividly those times when mobile phones would have to be stuck together as if mating before you could get bytes of data jumping from one phone to the other. Today, it’s amazing how one can be hundreds of meters away from another device to transfer data and even control it. It’s fascinating how Bluetooth has grown beyond mobile phone usage to other sophisticated technologies making life easier and work, efficient.

Bluetoothtechworld.com seeks to delve into the world of Bluetooth to bring you what’s trending with the Bluetooth technology. So feel free to take a look around at what we have explored in terms of Bluetooth technology in phones, tablets, personal computers, automotive, connected devices, home-use devices and entertainment.

It’s in this exploration that we share with you information we have gathered through product reviews, illustrations, and how to’s to help you in any way that we can. We hope to provide our visitors like you nothing but comprehensive information to make well-informed decisions.

You can as well contribute to the success of our exploration by sharing your thoughts and experiences through the comment section whenever necessary and we will be glad to connect with you. Have a nice experience here. Thank you


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