Why Won’t My Bluetooth Speaker Turn Off? 8 Fixes!

Listening to your preferred music, audio, or spoken word via Bluetooth speakers is tremendously convenient. It comes in handy too for online meetings since they give you projected volume for clarity.

Unfortunately, having a Bluetooth speaker that won’t turn off may be really annoying, especially if it’s early in the morning or late at night. It can mess up the moment big time!

Whenever your Bluetooth speaker is not turning off, there might be a number of potential causes that may vary from case to case. 

Here’s why your Bluetooth speaker won’t turn off. 

A Bluetooth speaker will refuse to turn off if it accidentally switches to service/setup mode, gets frozen, or the circuit board gets broken. The service mode renders the menu buttons nonresponsive, disallowing you to turn off the speaker by pressing the power button. Everything just stays standstill.  

Fortunately, there are a few things you can try, like deactivating service mode, restarting the speaker, and cleaning the buttons of dust settlement. The problem may seem insurmountable, but you can fix it.

We’ll talk more about the reasons why your Bluetooth speaker won’t shut off in this post, along with solutions and a video guide.

Reasons Why Your Bluetooth Speaker Won’t Turn Off

Among the several reasons your Bluetooth speaker won’t turn off, the prevalent cause is when it is turned into service mode. It is also referred to as setup or limited feature mode. The Bluetooth speaker in this mode virtually becomes frozen. 

Below is how the service/setup/limited feature mode occurs. 

Accidentally Activating Service or Setup Mode 

Some Bluetooth speakers, especially JBL products have a feature known as service or setup mode. The mode is activated by simultaneously pressing the Bluetooth and Play Buttons for a few seconds. 

People unknowingly activate the service or setup mode, which is a common case of the reason why the Bluetooth speaker is not turning off. When in this mode, all the buttons on your speaker including the power button become nonresponsive. 

In a sense, the Bluetooth speaker becomes frozen. So you want to check whether any of the buttons on the Bluetooth speaker is responsive. If none is responsive, then you’re likely to be experiencing this problem. 

Solving this issue requires exiting from the service mode, which I’ll be guiding you through in the next section.

Frozen Bluetooth Speaker

Other than the Bluetooth speaker being in the service/setup mode, it can also be nonresponsive to commands due to other causes that are sometimes difficult to point out. 

Possible scenarios where the Bluetooth speaker freezes could be shock from falling or out-of-memory issues. Memory issues can arise when it’s connected to several Bluetooth devices

While service mode and frozen issues have the same behavioral effect on the Bluetooth speaker, resolving the problem can be done in different ways.  

Broken Circuit Board of Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth circuit boards are the main engine for Bluetooth speakers’ wireless functionality. When electrical faults arise in the board due to short-circuiting or shocks as a result of falling, it can trigger some abnormal behaviors. 

One such behavior could be keeping the Bluetooth speaker on no matter how hard you try to shut it down. Cases of such could be hard to resolve except for professional attention. 

However, resetting the Bluetooth speaker could do the magic if that’s feasible. I hope your case is not that of a broken circuit board.

A broken circuit board is the last place you want to find yourself because the solutions provided may not be able to solve it unless you take it to a technician. 

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How To Shut Down Bluetooth Speaker That Won’t Turn Off

A Bluetooth speaker which cannot be turned off.
A Bluetooth speaker that refuses to turn off.

This section provides you with eight solutions to put your Bluetooth speaker that won’t turn off to sleep. Hopefully, one of them can address your issue, especially if it falls under causes 1 and 2. 

If you can’t follow through with the steps, you can watch the video beneath for illustrations. 

Press Bluetooth and Play Buttons

Connect the Bluetooth speaker that won’t turn off to a charger, simultaneously press the Bluetooth and Play buttons, and hold them for ten seconds. 

This should put the Bluetooth speaker off. You can then turn it on to see if everything works normally. 

If this doesn’t turn the Bluetooth speaker off, try the next step. 

Long Press The Power Button Once

Press and hold the power button of the Bluetooth speaker for 15 seconds. Free the button as the speaker turns off, wait for a few seconds and turn it on. For some speakers, this should work but for others, it requires additional action. 

For other speakers, you press and hold the power button and simultaneously insert a mini-jack plug into the input on the speaker and pull it out immediately. Then release the power button after about 2 seconds.

Both options should exit you of the service or setup mode and you should be able to turn off the Bluetooth speaker. Try the next solution if this doesn’t work for you. 

Power and Play Buttons

In this fix, you press the power and play buttons at the same time for a few seconds. Free your hands when the Bluetooth speaker turns off. Turn it on to see if it works all right. 

If this fix doesn’t solve it, move on to the next solution. 

Press The Power Button Many Times

Make a quick press on the power button four times and hold it on the fifth time for a few seconds. You should hear a power off sound on the fifth long press and the light going out. 

Turn the Bluetooth speaker on a few seconds after it turns off and test the functions of the speaker buttons. If this option doesn’t work for you, then you move to the next fix.  

Hold All Buttons

Make sure you have each of your fingers on all the buttons on the Bluetooth speaker. With the fingers in place, press all the buttons at once, pause, and press the power off button to shut it off. 

You should see the Bluetooth speaker turning off at this action. If it doesn’t, then you try the next step. 

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Reset Factory Settings

Resetting your Bluetooth speaker to factory settings deletes all the previous settings and boosts the functioning of your device. Thankfully nothing much is stored in your Bluetooth speaker so resetting should be a problem. 

For some devices, pressing and holding the volume down and play buttons simultaneously until the Bluetooth speaker turns off, resets it. Then, wait for a few seconds and turn it on.

In some cases using the volume down and play buttons work for the resetting. Other models would require using Bluetooth and volume down or volume up buttons to be able to reset the Bluetooth speaker. 

Whatever combination fits your model, the Bluetooth speaker should turn off once they’re right for it. 

Bluetooth speakers that don’t require simultaneous pressing and holding of button combinations for reset may have a reset button somewhere to press. You’ll find some having the reset button inside the audio jack at the back of the Bluetooth speaker. 

Get a pointed object and use it to press the button and voila, the reset will be done. 

If you have difficulty following through with all that we’ve discussed so far, following the below video can be of great assistance. 

If your Bluetooth speaker is still not turning off after watching the video, then move to the next solution. 

Drain Battery

If at this point your Bluetooth speaker fails to exit the service/setup mode or is nonresponsive to factory reset, you have to drain the battery. Drain the battery is believed to help restart the speaker when you recharge it. 

Here’s where you show your neighbors how high your Bluetooth speaker can sound or you go on a low-key for an all-day-long blockbuster movie show. 

Finally, when the Bluetooth speaker dies out, connect it to a power source and charge it to a full battery. 

Once the speaker is fully charged, try turning it on and see if everything works fine. If you’re not able to normally turn it off after this, then you have to consider returning the product to the company or seeing a technician. 

Clean Bluetooth Speaker Buttons

You might be asking what has this got to do with the Bluetooth speaker won’t turn off. It may not be the likely fix for most people whose Bluetooth speaker is not turning off, but it doesn’t hurt to still try it out if yours is not resolved at this point – it’s the old-school approach!

The idea is that the power button may be nonresponsive to your press because of fine particle buildup beneath it or clogging due to sediment filling the space around it.  

Hence, if your case is one of them, a thorough cleaning of the Bluetooth speaker could resolve the issue. A soft brush can remove such sediment with a gentle cleaning to free the power button from lodging. 

A more rigorous approach will be disassembling the Bluetooth speaker to clean both the interior and exterior parts to ensure that regions around the buttons on the speaker are not lodged. 

However, be careful not to damage the speaker if you don’t have the capability to do it. 

If at this none of the solutions offered helps, it will be better to return the product to the manufacturer for a new one provided your warranty hasn’t expired. 

In a situation where you can’t exchange the product for a new one, sending it to a technician can help you resolve especially if the issue is from a broken circuit board. 

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Conclusions: Key Learning Points

There could be several reasons why a Bluetooth speaker won’t turn off, but the common ones are a result of unknowingly switching to service/setup mode, frozen functions, or a broken circuit board of the speaker. 

As discussed above, the ways to resolve these are: 

  • exit service mode
  • reset Bluetooth speaker
  • do a thorough cleaning of the speaker

Exchanging your Bluetooth speaker for a new one or sending it to a professional to fix it would be your best option if the solutions provided don’t resolve your case. 

Over To You!

Which of the solutions fixed your case? Kindly share in the comment for me to know how helpful it was and I’ll be glad to connect with you. 

Until then, be blessed!

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